• Francesca Pick

    Francesca Pick

    Experimenting the future of organizations and collaborative governance @ Greaterthan, OuiShare & Enspiral. Co-founder OuiShareFest, steward of Cobudget.

  • Vladimir Gidirim

    Vladimir Gidirim

  • Otto Birnbaum

    Otto Birnbaum

    Berlin based VC passionate about entrepreneurs, innovation, berlin, yoga and kitesurfing Formerly @hellofresh @simonkucher @sparkinstitute @creditsuisse

  • yuki


  • Nia Escobar

    Nia Escobar

    Endless curiosity and all smiles πŸ˜„#personalviews #feminist #spanglish. Insurtech, entrepreneurship, innovation, and startups!

  • Juanje Fernandez

    Juanje Fernandez

  • Gabe Kleinman

    Gabe Kleinman

    father of daughters. portfolio services + marketing @obviousvc.

  • Brandon Hoffman

    Brandon Hoffman

    VC @ Samsung Next | Focus on Media, Fintech, Wellness, Commerce | Prior: Internet Research @ Morgan Stanley; Music Creator (Producer & Songwriter)

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