The ultimate primer on venture capital and silicon valley

It’s Covid-lockdown-time and (quite a few) people have a little bit more time to read and think about things. I finally came around to work further on this list which is essentially the reading list for my book on the ethics of venture capital so far (see my other Medium posts for more on that topic). It will be updated on an ongoing basis and I very much value suggestions (find me on Twitter).

I am going through different genres here (that’s the different subheadings): from history and (high quality) journalism to VCs’ own writing, Techlash literature, Memoirs and ultimately a long list of economics papers. The only thing you might be missing is guidebooks à la ‘How to get into venture capital’.

Where possible, I am providing a link to the publisher behind the title. My favourites are marked with an *. Enjoy.

History of Silicon Valley and Venture Capital

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‘New Silicon Valleys’

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